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Top 10 Website to learn to meditate

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Top 10 Website to learn to meditate
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Do I really need to Meditate?

That is a question I have been asking myself for quite sometime. My 5 year old answered the question for me.  One day, I was looking for something in the house and for the life of me I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Being short on time, my frustration started to surface. My daughter so matter –of- factly said, “mom, just mediate and you will be able to relax and find it”. Hmmmmmmm.

I believe in serendipity, signs, whatever you want to call it.

For the last few months, every time I pick up of a magazine or have a conversation with like-minded people, the topic turns to meditation.

As humans, we always should be evolving. I eat healthy, exercise, practice yoga (whenever I have a spare moment – lately not !!) however; meditation is something that I have not tried.

I have been doing some research and not surprising there are many physiological and psychological benefits to meditation. For instance, it increases creativity and mental clarity, decreases fears and phobias. Ultimately, the consensus was that busy moms and others who learn to meditate will enjoy many health benefits for body, mind and spirit. The deep rest you get from meditating is as restful to the body as a deep sleep. The result is greater energy and vibrant health. Calmness and peace of mind will result in the ability to be stress-free and worry-free.

Meditation will benefit you physically, mentally and spiritually. Through mediation, accumulated stress is released and outside stress is blocked from entering your body systems. Meditation presents the body with a physiological change so that all the cells in your body all filled with prana, or energy. The result is peace, joy and an enthusiastic mood.

I am up for that!!!! Sign me up.

The physical benefits of meditation are many: reduced anxiety attacks, increased serotonin, lowered levels of blood lactate and increased energy. There is evidence that meditation can improve the immune system. Any tension-related pain such as ulcers, tension headaches and muscle and joint pains will be decreased, and meditation will also help in relieving insomnia.

Meditation benefits your mental health in several ways. The brainwave pattern enters an Alpha state that can promote healing because the mind becomes fresh and clear. Mediating decreases your anxiety resulting in an improved emotional stability. Those who mediate regularly report increased intuition, more creativity and greater happiness. Meditation expands the mind by helping you gain focus to abolish fears, frustrations and tensions.

Meditation can balance your emotional stability and enrich you spiritually. It cleanses and nourishes the spirit when you are feeling overwhelmed and emotionally overloaded or shutout. It helps you learn that inner attitude directly affects happiness.

Those who meditate regularly learn to let go of the past and to enjoy the present as a gift given to them.  With meditation as a part of a daily routine, a personal transformation can occur. By participating in meditation daily, you can learn to enter into what is known as cosmic consciousness. This is the fifth and most elusive state of consciousness in which you perceive the whole planet as a part of yourself.

Practice meditating each day to reap the full benefits of mediating. There are several ways to learn including websites that discuss and teach you how. I have listed below the top 10 meditation websites along with a brief description.

1. Headspace.

Learn how to mediate online in just 10 minutes a day.

2. Goodlife Zen.

Learn 10 important tips for meditating 

3. Find a free ten-part guide at this site.

4. Stop and Breath Find a ten-step beginners guide at

5. A Guide to Mindfulness with Dr. Shauna Shapiro at

6. Eight Ways to Make Meditation Fun at

7. How to Meditate for Beginners at

8. Silva Life System free meditation lessons at

9. A Primer on Meditation: A Beginner’s Guide at

10. Relaxation for Stress Relief at

Let’s do this together! If you have tips or want to share your stories on meditate, please comment below.

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Yours in good health,





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